About the Monkeytop Oral History Project

The Monkeytop Oral History Blog Objective

To preserve a sense of an alternative lifestyle and community in West Durham, North Carolina, between the years 1968 and 1980 by gathering info from journals, photos, and recollective vignettes from the people who formed that community, that their memoirs will allow others to gain a measure of how we were who we became.

Who and How

The Monkeytop Oral History Blog veers from the traditional interview-based oral history format. Instead, this open- source blog will gather the experiences (memories, dreams, reflections) of former residents and their friends in West Durham,  Brookstown, Monkeytop, Monkeybottom, and Sunnyside.

Thank You

Whether you help by submitting a written statement, photos, links, or other documentation, or help to improve the design of this blog, your contribution will be valued input.